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The Tracis Lens Checker prevents lens damage from hurting relationships

Every rental company has been through the hardship of finding damage on one of its lenses, and the difficult conversations that follow: who is responsible? Can we find an acceptable solution preserving our relationship? How much time and energy will this cost us?

The Tracis scanner provides detailed and certified tracking of damage lenses may have suffered, giving everyone involved a fuller picture, making the conversation easy and helping build enough trust to share expensive and rare equipment without taking unnecessary risks.

Revolutionary new lens checker

The Tracis Scanner is able to follow lens evolution over time, remembering their past condition with accurate details, all from a minute-long automated scan.

Improve your workflow

The Tracis Scanner is easy to use for anyone: insert the lens, press a button, and wait a minute. It can be used as part of the day-to-day workflow when checking lenses in and out. While previously lenses might have waited for days for their post-rental inspections, now they’ll be available for the next rental in a matter of minutes, without compromising on tracking.

Build Trust: Certified results

Tracis certifies its scan reports, for an impartial assessment that everyone can trust: from Camera Assistants and production companies, to insurance providers or rental companies you do subrental with. With a Tracis report you can have an easier discussion about liability for lens condition changes - everyone knows there is no “judgement call”.

Connected and always improving

The “secret sauce” for the Tracis Scanner is that it learns from the data it gathers, thanks to a cloud-based algorithm leveraging modern distributed systems computing. The service is provided on a subscription basis and your Tracis Scanner will get even smarter over time: new features, updates and improvements will continue to increase your ROI for years to come.

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